Crime and justice

3 February 2015

High Court rules that the restriction of books in prisons is unlawful

A recent High Court judgment has ruled that the controversial ban on the receipt of books by prisoners is unlawful. In his damning judgment, Mr Justice Collins was highly critical of the Ministry of Justice’s implication and justification of the Prison Service Instruction (PSI) 30/2013 which amended the Incentives and Earned Privileges (IEP) Scheme in November 2013.

22 January 2015

Tilting the scales? Key aspects of the defence case may soon be disclosed to prosecution witnesses

The CPS is currently consulting on its newly published draft guidance on the treatment of, and information to be given to, witnesses and purported victims prior to and during trial. Whilst this guidance seems to be specifically targeted at vulnerable witnesses, it is not limited to such and could be applied in respect of all prosecution witnesses and purported victims. 

Eurydice Cote

7 January 2013

Interpol Red Notices and how to deal with them

In this blog, we explore what a red notice is and the impact of one; diffusion notices; how to challenge a red notice and the particular grounds for such.

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