Girl with Cerebral Palsy walks for the first time

7 November 2019

I was struck by the touching story (BBC news report of 7 year old Jasmine Morton who has cerebral palsy and against all the odds has managed to walk for the first time unaided.

Discovering your child has cerebral palsy is devastating for parents whether it occurs after problems in labour or at the end of investigations into difficulties your child may be having as she progresses through school.

Part of the work we do for parents who contact us when they learn their child has cerebral palsy includes looking into the causes of that condition and whether it can be linked to negligent care at around the time of birth.  This is because cerebral palsy can be due to a lack of oxygen at birth otherwise known as a hypoxic ischaemic injury.  If we do find that cerebral palsy can be linked to negligent care on the part of a midwife or doctor, we can look into a cerebral palsy claim for compensation for the child to help meet the lifelong needs that the child is going to have as a result of this disability.  No two cases are the same, and we recognise the importance of having experts in the field of cerebral palsy to advise on the physiotherapy, occupational therapy, care and accommodation needs together with educational and technology needs of these children.

Our clients are often desperately worried as to how their child with cerebral palsy will manage in the future when they are not around to look after them; and they all wish to help their child become as independent as possible despite their disabilities. 

Stories such as Jasmine’s encourage and inspire us not to give up hope; medical and technological advances are occurring all the time that can help children with cerebral palsy to regain some of their lost independence.

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Deborah Nadel is experienced in a wide array of complex medical negligence matters including birth injury and other causes of neurological damage in children and adults. 

Case Studies - Cerebral Palsy & Birth Injury Claims

Case Studies - Cerebral Palsy & Birth Injury Claims

Cerebral Palsy claim settled in 2018 for in excess of £20m, made up of a lump sum payment and annual periodical payments


Cerebral Palsy claim settled in 2018 for in the region of £28m, made up of a lump sum payment and annual periodical payments


Cerebral Palsy affecting all 4 limbs settled for £27.4m


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