Substantial damages awarded for a spinal cord injury during a surgical procedure resulting in paraplegia

Richard Lodge and Eurydice Cote successfully secured an award of damages for a client with spinal cord injury at T12.  Substantial damages were awarded to our client who sustained a spinal cord injury during a surgical procedure leading to paraplegia at the T12 level.  This injury resulted in reduced sensation below the level of the injury, profound weakness in the muscles that move the right leg and above the right knee, absence of the movement of right foot/ankle, numbness and altered sensation around the right calf, bowel impairment, urinary incontinence and persistent neuropathic pain.  These injuries impacted upon our client’s ability to go about daily activities, ability to work and independence.

The damages, which were paid on a lump sum only basis, are intended to cater for on-going care, therapy, equipment and accommodation needs.  An award of provisional damages was also granted that will allow our client to seek additional damages if a specified neurological deterioration occurs at any point in the future.

If you, or a member of your family has experienced a similar situation, please visit our spinal injuries page or contact our medical negligence & personal injury team.

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