Substantial settlement for above the knee amputation - failure to treat a peri-operative infection

Richard Lodge secured a settlement for a 66 year male who underwent an above the knee amputation due to the failure to treat a peri-operative infection acquired during knee replacement surgery.  The infection was allowed to develop to such an extent that it became systemic. At this point, 18 months after acquiring the infection, the only treatment option was to carry out an above the knee amputation of our client’s right leg.

The infection also spread, via our client’s bloodstream, to his shoulder joints leading to septic arthritis resulting in destruction of the joints.  This caused on-going pain and limited strength and range of movement within his shoulders and arms.

Our client also had a pre-existing degenerative spinal condition which had been operated on some 36 years earlier.  As a result of this surgery our client suffered from left leg residual foot drop.  Not only was our client’s stronger, and neurological intact, leg amputated but the on-going infection also exacerbated his degenerative, but up until that point clinical stable, spinal condition.

As a result of the on-going complications arising from infection and our client’s inability to embark upon prosthetic rehabilitation, his primary method of mobility was via a wheelchair.  He was for all intents and purposes wheelchair dependent.

A substantial settlement was secured on behalf of our client to cover his future care, accommodation, therapy and equipment needs.

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