Delayed diagnosis of breast cancer settled for £120,000

Our client, a 29 year old woman, attended her GP in October 2009 complaining of a lump in her breast.  She was reviewed by a nurse practitioner who did not refer her to a breast clinic and the suspected cancer went undiagnosed.  Had she been referred to a breast clinic for further investigations, it is likely that the breast cancer would have been diagnosed by December 2009 or by January 2010.  Instead, the cancer was eventually diagnosed in January 2011.  The one year delay in the diagnosis meant that our client had to have extensive surgical treatment, including a full mastectomy.  She also underwent auxiliary node clearance, chemotherapy and radiotherapy and subsequently sustained right arm lymphedema.

We argued that with earlier diagnosis and treatment, our client would have avoided a full right breast mastectomy, auxiliary node clearance and radiotherapy to the supraclavicular fossae.  The right lymphedema would have also been avoided.  The claim settled shortly before trial and our client received £120,000 in damages for the delay in her breast cancer diagnosis and the injuries sustained.

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