Why Train at Kingsley Napley

You will not just be a bag carrier as a trainee at Kingsley Napley. Our trainees are given quality experience from day one; working alongside our highly experienced fee earners and partners in a down to earth and supportive environment.

The training programme at Kingsley Napley consists of four six month seats in mixture of both contentious and non-contentious practice areas, which makes our training programme broader than those available at other firms.

Trainees are given the chance to meet with clients, be responsible for their own work load and are encouraged to take part in marketing and client development activities.

But it is not all work and no play. We have a very active social side, with regular firmwide lunches, sports teams and a choir, so there are plenty of opportunities for our trainees to get involved! We are also committed to being a responsible business and have a number of network groups (Diversity & Inclusion group, Charities & Community, Pro-Bono and Environment) you can get involved in. Find out more about responsible business at Kingsley Napley.

Kingsley Napley has a unique culture that we are extremely proud of. We encourage individuals to be just that – individual, but also to work as part of a team to get the best result for the client.  We are an open, inclusive and friendly Firm to work in, and our core values are reflected in every way that the Firm operates. Read more about life at KN, our culture and values and what it is like to work here.

What our trainees say about us

You can read about our training contracts in the Chambers Student Guide, the Training Contract and Pupilage Handbook, LawCareers.Net and the Lex100, and below are a few quotes from our current trainees about what it is like to be a trainee at KN:

“large and diverse range of seat choices”

“I had a lot of interaction with the defendant, supported the witnesses, and got to experience all the excitement and tension that occurs when the jury's out making its decision.”

“lots of responsibility from the start” and “independence and autonomy on matters”

“I had my own cases after a few days and found myself doing a vulnerable witness interview during my first month,”

“I spend my time dealing with interesting, high-profile clients’

“You get a lot of client contact, even if it's a prestigious client, like a big company. You never get the sense the firm thinks anyone is too important to let you deal with them.” 

“It’s really varied – you never do two identical deals, which keeps things interesting,"


Chambers Student Guide

Read our ‘True Picture’ profile in the Chambers Student Guide 



View our profile on LawCareers.Net



View Kingsley Napley’s profile with Lex100

Lex100 Awards

  • 2017 Winners for Client Contact, Job Satisfaction, Living up to expectations, Quality of work, Inclusiveness, Social life.
  • 2016 Winners for Job Satisfaction & Client Contact
  • 2015 Winners for Job Satisfaction, Living up to Expectations & Quality of Work
  • 2014 Winners for Job Satisfaction & Quality of Work

Lex100 Fictional Character

  • 2017 Belle (Beauty and the Beast) - willing to proceed where others would shun and always willing to give second chances
  • 2016 Sherlock Holmes – delivers classic expertise, with style
  • 2015 Lisa Simpson – Great at solving problems and internationally recognised
  • 2014 Cinderella – Classy without being ostentatious
  • 2013 Gandalf


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