Victims and Witnesses of Crime

Public prosecutors and law enforcement agencies have suffered massive budget cuts in recent years which has had an impact on the investigation and prosecution of certain types of crime. 

In this climate victims and witnesses report feeling let down by the justice system.  Frustrations arise from decisions made by the agencies not to investigate or prosecute when a crime has been committed, or when they do, failing to keep victims updated on the progress of a case, or to provide useful information about what is involved and what to expect when participating in criminal proceedings.  This can lead to victims feeling isolated and confused and exacerbate the distress caused to the victim by the crime itself.

Whether you are a victim, a witness, or both we have a team of specialists who can help you navigate the complexities of the criminal justice system and make sure your rights and reputation are protected and advanced.

Support that we offer to victims of crime include:

  • Helping you to understand your rights and entitlements under the Victim’s Code;
  • Assistance with reporting a crime to the police;
  • Supporting you during the course of a police investigation;
  • Providing you with guidance and information on court procedures and process and case progression;
  • Advice and assistance in applying for special measures for when you give evidence (e.g. video evidence; screens and reporting restrictions);
  • Challenging a decision by the Police or CPS not to prosecute through the Victims’ Right to Review scheme;
  • Challenging refusal by the Police or CPS not to provide information on grounds of the Data Protection Act;
  • Drafting victim personal statements;
  • Applying for criminal injuries compensation;
  • Commencing civil claims for physical and psychiatric injury caused as a result of a crime;
  • Seeking the recovery of financial loss through the civil courts;
  • Commencing a private prosecution in circumstances when the Police or CPS is unwilling to act;

When a crime is suspected in a business, support that we offer to senior managers and directors includes:

  • Ascertaining whether a crime has been committed by undertaking an internal investigation;
  • Assistance with reporting the crime to the relevant agencies;
  • Obtaining (worldwide) freezing orders, search and disclosure orders to protect assets from dissipation and evidence from being destroyed;
  • Commencing civil litigation to recover your losses;
  • Commencing a private prosecution;
  • Reputation management and media control;

Often the best advice to senior managers is to undertake an investigation to establish in more detail what has occurred to enable the company to make informed decisions about the actions they must and/or should take. We have extensive experience of conducting internal investigations. Our specialist can interview witnesses, analyse documents, review computer files and prepare a report to provide you with objective and clear advice on the courses of action available to you.

At Kingsley Napley, we have team of criminal and civil litigation specialists who have expertise in securing victims’ rights and helping them access justice.  The team is led by Melinka Berridge and William Christopher, both of whom are committee members of the Victims of Crime Association of Lawyers.

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