Ethics and NDAs - A CELs Think Tank Report

4 May 2018

The Ethics and NDAs - A CELs Think Tank Report reports on a Centre for Ethics and Law (CELs) think tank on non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). Think tanks are designed to engage practitioners, policymakers, and academics in discussion of ethical problems. An invited audience and expert panel discuss those problems, suggest how they might be dealt with, and make suggestions as to future directions.

The think tank was held under the Chatham House rule to encourage frank and constructive conversations – for that reason participants in the conversation are not identified with particular contributions here. Iain Miller chaired the event and Kingsley Napley were proud sponsors of the event itself. 

Non-disclosure agreements are a tool regularly used by lawyers in many contexts. They have become controversial because of particular cases, especially in employment situations. They raise important issues of principle and public interest. They also raise acute interests for practitioners at the sharp end seeking to run their businesses, protect their clients, and behave with professional responsibility.

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