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12 July 2016

A sporting (second) chance

On 14 July 2016, England will play Pakistan in a Test match at Lords.  Included in the Pakistan squad is the fast bowler, Mohammad Amir.
Amir was involved in the 2010 Pakistan tour of England.  During the course of this series, it was alleged that Amir had deliberately bowled no-balls in return for payments from a betting syndicate.  

Nick Dent

18 September 2015

Rugby World Cup: tackling corruption

The Rugby World Cup 2015 kicks off today at a time when corruption in sport is firmly in the limelight. Following the indictment in the US in May of 14 FIFA officials and marketing executives on a range of corruption charges, the US Attorney General confirmed this week that there will be more charges in the FIFA investigation involving both individuals and entities. 

11 September 2015

Paula Radcliffe – drug abuse or abuse of parliamentary privilege?

The unequivocal statement by Paula Radcliffe, Britain’s greatest marathon runner and one of its most ardent anti-doping campaigner, that she has never resorted to cheating in any form and was devastated that her name had been linked to blood doping has once again highlighted the legal immunity enjoyed by members of parliament against civil or criminal liability, known as parliamentary privilege.  

30 March 2015

“Dirty Leeds” email lands executive in big trouble

The case of Williams v Leeds United Football Club highlights that in principle there is no limit on the length of time that can pass between an employee’s gross misconduct and their dismissal without notice, if in the interim period the employer was unaware of the employee’s wrongdoing. 

Andreas White

15 October 2014

It’s celebrity autobiography season – what to do if you are libelled in a book

We are now officially in the run up to Christmas. One of the many signs of this is the sudden appearance of a spate of celebrity autobiographies. Not only are these autobiographies now hitting the shelves, but in many cases, the contents of the books are trailed by a series of extracts published in selected newspapers.

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