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7 July 2017

#IamSuperHuman – Fighting the stigma of “Disability”

I hate the word “disabled”. Just take a moment and really think about what this word means. I bet you would associate it with words such as “unable”, “weak” and “incapable”. It has such a negative meaning and as a society, we use this as a label. However, imagine if we were to change this label to something positive. For example, instead of “disabled”, let’s use “Super Human”. I bet you now think of words such as “strong”, “exceptional” and “heroic”. Disabled people are all these characteristics and much more, and here’s why…..

22 March 2017

Horse Riding and Spinal Injuries

Last week, horse racing enthusiasts were treated to another display of epic horsemanship and sporting battles between some of the giants of the equine world, during the Cheltenham Festival. Cheltenham Festival is the highlight of the jump season and epitomises everything that is great about horse racing over hurdles and fences.

Laura Sylvester

12 January 2017

Sport- Safety or Success?

The passion, drive and competition; it’s what defines sport.  The thrill of competing and winning is what athletes dedicate their lives to. It is an addictive drug which reaps with it benefits such as good health, fitness, a competitive edge and a disciplined mind set. However, as with any drug, there is one potential side effect, which if not controlled, can be life or death. This is safety.

2 December 2016

Harris v Miller – are the floodgates open for personal injury claims being brought against horse owners?

Following the decision in Harris v Miller, horse owners will have to assess whether a rider is a ‘good match’ for their horse before letting them ride it, to avoid being found negligent and potentially ordered to pay out significant sums in compensation. 

Elena Matsa

1 December 2016

Football abuse scramble has begun

The news that more than 20 former footballers have come forward with allegations of historical child sex abuse raises the prospect of multiple police investigations. With five police forces  already  involved this scandal is set to dominate the news for months to come.

John Harding

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