Defending Doctors

27 December 2018

Must an allegation against a doctor always be considered by the Case Examiners?

R (on the application of Rudling) v General Medical Council [2018] EWHC 3582 (Admin)

Shannett Thompson

27 November 2018

3,000 doctors face checks after psychiatrist who practised without a licence is sentenced to a five year prison sentence

The General Medical Council (‘GMC’) is urgently checking the qualifications of foreign doctors who were able to register in the UK under a now defunct provision in the Medical Act 1983 (‘the Act’).

Shannett Thompson

9 October 2018

Why engagement with the regulatory process and ‘adequate’ indemnity insurance/cover is vital

Whilst regulatory lawyers like myself have long questioned what is meant by ‘adequate’ indemnity cover, the Applicant in this case clearly did not have any indemnity cover at all, which was not only in breach of her professional duties, but could have caused significant difficulties for any patient wishing to make a claim in relation to the requisite period.  

Shannett Thompson

5 October 2018

Social Media and the NHS

Efficient and innovative communication within the healthcare sector is a valuable resource and healthcare professionals are becoming increasingly reliant on the use of social media and messaging apps to communicate and share patient information with one another. However, messages composed and sent within seconds can have serious and lasting professional, legal and regulatory repercussions. 

Julie Norris

4 October 2018

Court of Appeal overturns High Court’s finding of doctor’s dishonesty

Case summary of Raychaudhuri v General Medical Council (Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care intervening) [2018] EWCA Civ 2027.

Shannett Thompson

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