Probate and estate administration

15 October 2019

Probate: heritage assets - could your artwork or antiques pay the inheritance tax bill?

Not many people know, but in the UK it is within the government’s remit to protect and promote the country’s cultural and artistic heritage. As a result, there are heritage tax reliefs available on death. 

Diva Shah

15 May 2019

Probate fees: the uncertainty continues

We blogged recently about the impending stealth tax the government plans to introduce and you will have seen the news stories about delays at probate registries due to IT issues.  So, what is the update? Nothing. The probate fees order is still waiting for the final stages to bring it into law and probate registries are still battling with their backlogs.  

Diva Shah

1 April 2019

Probate fees: Brexit brings some good news (for now)

The new probate fee structure, which was set to be introduced in April has been delayed due to the time demands of on-going Brexit discussions in Parliament; we’ve blogged previously about the Government’s introduction of a new ‘ stealth tax’ here.

Diva Shah

20 March 2019

English assets, overseas owner - resealing foreign grants of probate in England and Wales

How do you secure English assets when there is a foreign grant of probate? The English Probate Registry can re-seal a foreign grant provided the deceased was from a current or former commonwealth country. This will give the executor named in the foreign grant the legal power to deal with the English asset.

Sameena Munir

8 February 2019

Act quickly! The new probate fee ‘stealth tax’ moves a step closer

The House of Lords has voted through the proposal which will introduce a new stealth death tax for the middle classes from April 2019. The fees payable to the Probate Registry will be dramatically increased from a flat rate of £155 for a solicitor application or £215 for a personal application for estates above £5,000 to a maximum of £6,000. 

Diva Shah

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