Entrepreneur & Investor Visas

20 November 2013

A new UK investor residence visa programme is launched - but it's not run by the UK

The market for global residence and citizenship by investment programmes has been hotting up for some time. The popularity of these schemes, offering long term residence and second passports by making a specific level of investments, has been fuelled by a combination of the demand for easier travel and political and economic security  and the need for cash-strapped countries to redress their balance sheets.

Nicolas Rollason

20 November 2013

Changes to the Knowledge of Language and Life in the UK requirement for settlement and naturalisation

As of the 28 October 2013, the government has introduced changes to the Knowledge of Language and Life in the UK (KoLL) requirement which will apply to any application for permanent residence (settlement) in the UK for adults (aged 18 and above). The new requirements will also apply to individuals applying to naturalise as British citizens.

Eurydice Cote

18 October 2013

Immigration Update: New “streamlined” UK visa services announced for China

During a visit to China on 14 October 2013, the Chancellor, George Osborne indicated that the visa application process for Chinese visitors was to be simplified. The Home Office has now announced the introduction of the following enhanced and streamlined services for processing UK visa applications in China.

Nicolas Rollason

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