Business Immigration

25 September 2012

New UKBA backlog causing economic damage - employers held to ransom

British businesses wanting to sponsor key individuals to come to the UK to help grow or develop their businesses are being thwarted by the excessive length of time it takes the UKBA to process Tier 2 sponsor registration applications at present. Businesses with the potential to lead the UK's economic recovery are facing major delays with their sponsor licence applications, meaning they cannot bring in the people they need when they need them. Plans for expansion in the UK market are having to be put on hold while the administrative process of obtaining a sponsor licence runs its ever lengthier course.

16 March 2012

Britain closed for Business - Highly Skilled Migrants and Employers face Government onslaught in a bid to reduce net migration

Since the introduction of the Points Based System, individuals entering under Tier 1 and Tier 2 of the Points Based System have been affected most by Labour and Conservative Governments’ immigration policies. The result is that migrants are caught up in a Kafkaesque system in which legislation is applied retrospectively and genuine mistakes in applications end up with the prospect of forcible removal from the UK.

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