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14 August 2013

Preparing for the best outcome in child relocation cases

Dealing with the relocation of children to another country in situations of family breakdown can be highly complex and challenging – and in most cases, there is no win-win situation for any party involved. The very recent High Court decision in the case of CB v CB [2013] EWHC 2092 shows this. This involved a dispute between an Australian-British dual citizen mother and a British father. Their son, aged 14, had stayed with his father in England after a Christmas visit. This followed a two year period where the mother had relocated to Australia with the child to live on a short-term basis, with the father's permission. 

13 February 2013

From Paris with love – the growing influence of continental matrimonial property regimes

Last week saw the launch of Part 1 of the Family Team’s Peer to Peer Expert Series, with events focused on the international family.  The inaugural lecture discussed the growing influence of continental matrimonial property regimes.  William Healing, introduced the topic reviewing the state of English law and was followed by Isabelle Rein-Lescastereyes from BWG Associés in Paris who explained the purpose of French matrimonial property regimes.

Lauren Evans

27 July 2012

International child relocation: a new approach

Last summer, the Court of Appeal of England and Wales, in MK v CK, signalled a dramatic shift in the approach to international child relocation cases. In cases with care significantly shared between two parents, the courts will now often refuse permission to relocate a child abroad.

10 July 2012

Filing for a "Eurostar" divorce - Paris or London?

The number of wealthy French people planning a move to London following is reportedly climbing following Francois Hollande’s victory in the presidential elections. Claire Wood writes on the myths surrounding and implications of couples wishing to file for divorce in a country different to the one they married in originally.

29 November 2011

Foreign pre-marriage contracts

European pre-marriage contracts are related but not identical to English prenuptial agreements, as explained by Charlotte Bradley in a previous blog titled: 'The European marriage contract - a different animal to the pre-nup?'.

Connie Atkinson

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