10 April 2013

Litigation and internal investigations: managing data risks to limit the damage caused by a sudden crisis

Caroline Jan looks at the risks associated with storing and maintaining data and sets out guidance to help companies manage exposure in the event of an investigation or litigation.

8 March 2013

Are Civil Law Remedies being under used by victims of fraud?

In a recent press release in December 2012, the independent fraud watchdog the Fraud Advisory Panel commented that the legal system in the UK was effectively fighting fraud with one hand tied behind its back by under-valuing and under-utilising the civil remedies that are available to victims of fraud. 

15 January 2013

French advocates, like any other European lawyers, must actively detect and report money laundering activities

In its recent decision Michaud v France dated 6 December 2012 (Requête No.12323/11), the European Court of Human Rights (the “Court”) confirmed that French advocates, like any other lawyers authorised to practise within the European Member States, must comply with certain obligations aimed at effectively detecting and fighting against money laundering activities.

5 November 2012

French companies still have lessons to learn on corruption and fraud risks

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (“OECD”)’s Working Group on Bribery recently urged France to tackle bribery, tighten laws and boost fines. It is “seriously concerned that, despite the very significant role of French companies in the international economy”, France has only secured 5 convictions since the bribery ban came into force in 2000. 

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