Police investigations

28 February 2019

New powers to gather electronic evidence from overseas agreed

The Crime (Overseas Production Orders) Act 2019 marks a major departure in the current mutual legal assistance regime in relation to gathering electronic evidence from overseas. Receiving Royal Assent on the 12 February 2019, the act gives powers to law enforcement to apply for an Overseas Production Order (OPO) to obtain electronic data directly from service providers based outside the UK for the purposes of criminal investigations and prosecutions for serious crime. 

Rebecca Niblock

16 January 2019

Sex for rent / rent for sex - revised CPS guidance

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has recently published revised guidance on “Prostitution and Exploitation of Prostitution Offences.”  This guidance follows a series of reports in late-2018 of landlords offering rooms for no financial cost, so long as the tenant agreed to engage in sexual activity. 

Nick Dent

23 November 2018

Changes to the Code for Crown Prosecutors

David Sleight discusses the revised ‘Code for Crown Prosecutors’ and suggests that a shift in policy to encourage prosecutors to carefully review cases and exculpatory evidence at an early stage is a good idea in principle. Sleight argues the revised code is, however, ‘yet another example of a well-intentioned policy change that has little or no consideration as to what is happening on the ground’.

David Sleight

1 November 2018

New guidance for prosecutors will make the slow grind of our legal system worse

Alison Saunders handed over the keys to the office of the director of public prosecutions to Max Hill, QC, yesterday, her parting gift was to unveil an updated code for crown prosecutors. The code, which came into force last week, sets out the general principles that prosecutors must consider when deciding to charge a suspect. David Sleight blogs about how changes in the way charging decisions are made risk leaving victims and suspects in limbo for longer.

David Sleight

20 September 2018

Search warrants at banks in the UK: what you need to know

Many a CF11 money-laundering reporting officer has watched the police carry his bank's computers away in the knowledge that this will bring its business - or part of it - to a grinding halt. What can a firm do to minimise disruption of this kind and challenge a search warrant? In this blog, Vivien Cochrane takes the compliance officer through the vagaries of British law, with a checklist for action at the end. 

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