Cerebral palsy claim - £7.6m settlement

Our client made a successful claim against the Portland Hospital in a claim concerning the treatment of her mother (Mrs W) during her birth in 1991. Mrs W was admitted to hospital to induce labour but the labour failed to progress and a syntocinin infusion was commenced and then increased.  The CTG trace then showed abnormalities with a fetal bradycardia (to 65 bpm) and late decelerations.  Our client was delivered following an episiotomy but had the cord around her neck and was floppy.  Her heart rate was less than 60 bpm and she was resuscitated.  Our client was transferred to the special care baby unit with a diagnosis of severe birth asphyxia and was discharged after two weeks.  She was later diagnosed with athetoid cerebral palsy with normal intelligence. 

Our client has considerable motor disabilities but suffers no cognitive impairment.  The main difficulties she experiences are in relation to movement control, balance, co-ordination and fine motor skills.  Her left side is affected more than her right and she finds it difficult to maintain stability.  Although her general health is very good, she sometimes injures herself because of the involuntary finger movements she experiences. 

The defendant accepted liability and we settled at £7,600,000.

Our client is an intelligent determined and engaging young woman.  In 2009 she commenced a four year course, reading Plant Biology, at University College London.  She also appeared on Channel 4’s “Location Location Location” where she gave Phil and Kirsty a run for their money.

If you, or a member of your family has experienced a similar situation and would like to know more, please visit our cerebral palsy page or email clinnegenquiries@kingsleynapley.co.uk

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