Medical Cannabis

28 September 2020

The first NHS prescription for a child’s cannabis medicine - is the case of Billy Caldwell an outlier or the start of a trend?

For the first time, the NHS has agreed to fund a prescription for an unlicensed cannabis-based medicine product (CBMP) for a child. On 14 September 2020, the NHS announced its decision to fund the treatment of Billy Caldwell who is severely epileptic. This decision comes nearly two years after the law changed on 1 November 2018, allowing for CBMP’s to be prescribed by specialists for patients who cannot be helped by other available licensed drugs.

Shannett Thompson

17 June 2020

Canada versus the United Kingdom – an overview of the cannabis market

The medical cannabis market continues to grow in the United Kingdom (UK). However, the cannabis markets in other jurisdictions, and in particular Canada, are developing at a greater rate.  We take a look at new developments in Canada against a comparison of the current industry in the UK.

Shannett Thompson

4 June 2019

The cannabis industry is clearly in flux

Following on from our previous blog Confused, Bewildering, Dubious? Cannabidiol in food and drinks: What does the future hold? - let’s get back to basics.

There 113 identified cannabidiols aka CBD’s found in the cannabis plant. There is much debate around the efficacy of CBD oil that does not contain the active ingredient, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is known to be the principle psychoactive constituent of cannabis.

Shannett Thompson

25 April 2019

Confused, Bewildering, Dubious? Cannabidiol in food and drinks: What does the future hold?

Last October, the EU Novel Foods Committee met to consider the evidence on certain hemp derived products, including Cannabidiol [CBD], to evaluate whether they had been widely used for human consumption within the EU prior to the 15th of May 1997, that being the date upon which the original “Novel Food” regulation, (EC) 258/97 came into force.

Shannett Thompson

12 March 2019

Medical cannabis in sport – what athletes need to know

With the use of medical cannabis on the rise, athletes should bear in mind that some types of cannabinoids are still Prohibited Substances and if an athlete tests positive, they could still face a lengthy ban. 

Claire Parry

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