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11 April 2012

The Freedom of Information Act: Exposing the Inner Workings of Government?

Timing is everything for freedom of information requests. Emily Carter discusses a recent Information Tribunal decision.

Emily Carter

2 April 2012

Police Appeals Tribunals: Fit for purpose?

Sophie Kemp, barrister in the Public Law team, discusses the effectiveness of the Police Appeals Tribunal.

Sophie Kemp

26 March 2012

Constitutional law: Hard cases make…constitutional law?

The recent ruling by Mr Justice Charles (Nicklinson v Ministry of Justice [2012] EWHC 304 (QB)) brings vividly to life the sometimes arid question arising out of the separation of powers: are there matters on which the courts should not rule because to do so will trespass on the proper functions of the executive and the legislature in a democracy?

Adam Chapman

28 October 2011

Public Law Update – Licensing Appeals in the spotlight

Licensing decisions by local authorities and regulatory bodies can of course have a very significant commercial impact for those entities and individuals that they affect. It is not surprising therefore that, depending upon the sector and context, appeals can be common. 

16 September 2011

Public Law Update – Inquests: Rule 43 reports

The Ministry of Justice has just published its latest summary of Reports and Responses under Rule 43 of the Coroners Rules. The summary covers the period 1 October 2010 – 31 March 2011 and provides an insight into the serious issues that are revealed by inquests and also illustrates a very uneven approach on the part of coroners to the use of their power under Rule 43.

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