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18 June 2012

Challenging a decision of the Financial Ombudsman Service: Dare you?

Sophie Kemp discusses challenging the decisions of the Financial Ombusman Service.

Sophie Kemp

30 May 2012

The taxman all at sea - creating and revoking legitimate expectations

Adam Chapman discusses revoking legitamate expectation in tax cases.

Adam Chapman

24 May 2012

Disclosure of government documents and the ministerial veto: When will the Information Commissioner take up the challenge?

Emily Carter discusses ministerial vetos under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Emily Carter

16 May 2012

Policing political speech: when is it legitimate to restrict freedom of expression?

Sophie Kemp discusses the arguments around freedom of expression.

Sophie Kemp

15 May 2012

Hot topics in commercial judicial review

Companies are increasingly using judicial review to protect valuable business interests. It is now routine for companies to challenge official decisions not only on the traditional grounds of illegality, irrationality and procedural unfairness, but also by invoking human rights principles and European law. When used effectively, commercial judicial review is a powerful tool. This article offers an overview of important recent trends.

Sophie Kemp writes on the latest developments on commercial judicial review in the In-House Lawyer magazine.

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