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19 April 2012

Doctor negligence: Possible negligence in delayed GP referrals for suspected cancer

Kelly Hall discusses the findings in the Lancet Oncology's 2010 National Cancer Patient Experience Survey.

9 March 2012

Clinical Negligence: Legal Aid Bill falters in the House of Lords

The highly controversial Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Bill has suffered some defeats in the House of Lords this week. The Bill is borne out of the government’s aim to save £350m from the Ministry of Justice budget by 2015 and originally aimed to cut all Legal Aid funding for victims of medical negligence.

Lauren Evans

9 March 2012

Surgery: Botched Surgery Blamed for Patients Deaths

The BBC recently reported on a Scottish Fatal Accident Inquiry which criticised standards of care provided to three patients who had their gallbladders removed via laparascopic (more commonly known as keyhole) surgery in 2006.


9 March 2012

Hospital Negligence: Doctor - Tell me the Truth

This recent Radio 4 programme highlighted a statistic that is perhaps surprising to some: that one in ten patients in NHS acute care suffers injury or death from treatment in hospital. Their problems are frequently compounded by an evasive and defensive response from the physicians.

20 February 2012

Personal Injury: cost cutting - a factor in fatal road accident?

The BBC recently reported on the sad case of a 19 year old UK serviceman, home on leave, who was killed after being struck by a car on an unlit road in the early hours of Christmas Day.  North Somerset Council had implemented a cost saving scheme whereby street lighting is turned off in certain areas between the hours of midnight and 05.00. Members of the soldier’s family believe that that the part-night street lighting scheme was a factor in his death. 

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