Personal injury

8 April 2015

Insult and injury - how much is 'fair' compensation?

Last night, I read two very different stories in the London Evening Standard. The first was in relation to an unfair dismissal claim from a banker, and a good example of our justice system working well. The other story told of a young boy who died in a workplace accident, and left me feeling very frustrated with the limitations of our legal system. 


Terrence Donovan

5 March 2015

Can I litigate without publicity? - Anonymity in personal injury and clinical negligence claims

A recent Court of Appeal decision has made it easier for children and “protected parties” (adults who lack mental capacity to conduct their affairs) to have their identity protected when settling a claim for personal injury or clinical negligence. 

7 August 2014

The law on psychiatric injury for secondary victims - unfair and in need of a change

In April 1989 ninety six Liverpool fans were killed, and many hundreds more injured in the Hillsborough Stadium disaster.  In the 25 years since then the friends and families of the victims have been campaigning for justice, and it is hoped that the new inquests into the deaths, which began in March of this year will, finally, shine a clear light into what went wrong.

Terrence Donovan

4 December 2012

Cycling injuries - a war on the roads

Scott Lister offers advice on what to do if you're involved in an accident whilst cycling.

20 February 2012

Personal Injury: cost cutting - a factor in fatal road accident?

The BBC recently reported on the sad case of a 19 year old UK serviceman, home on leave, who was killed after being struck by a car on an unlit road in the early hours of Christmas Day.  North Somerset Council had implemented a cost saving scheme whereby street lighting is turned off in certain areas between the hours of midnight and 05.00. Members of the soldier’s family believe that that the part-night street lighting scheme was a factor in his death. 

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