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3 July 2017

Causes of Spinal Cord Injury

This blog follows on from Richard Lodge’s first blog in the series, about the anatomy of the spine.

There are many different causes of spinal injury and this series of blogs will discuss some of the key causes. The purpose of this blog is to focus on the biggest cause of spinal injuries. Hard as it is to believe, it is actually individuals falling that makes up the most common cause of spinal cord injury

Laura Sylvester

22 May 2017

What price for the wind in your hair?

I recently had a conversation with an acquaintance about her choice not to wear a cycle helmet. She explained she liked the feeling of freedom, and of the wind in her hair and on her face.

Kirsty Allen

22 May 2017

Choosing a Solicitor for a Brain Injury Compensation Claim

If you are reading this it is likely that you, or a loved one has suffered a brain injury.  This might be a traumatic brain injury (tbi), caused in a road traffic or workplace accident, or as a result of clinical negligence – for example failure to treat a stroke, or anaesthetic error.

Terrence Donovan

7 March 2017

The importance of exhibitions like Naidex

I am pleased that Kingsley Napley will be attending Naidex again this year.  As someone who attended the exhibition last year and took the time to walk around the exhibition hall, I left with a sense of admiration for the pace of technological and medical advances for those who have a disability.  

Richard Lodge

15 February 2017

The importance of a roof over your head (is it time to revisit Roberts v Johnstone?)

At Kingsley Napley we specialise in high value claims. Any life changing condition, such as a spinal injury or cerebral palsy, may mean that the Claimant’s home is not suitable for their needs. As part of the case we will look very carefully at the Claimant’s current home situation and with the help of experts, evaluate whether it is appropriate for the needs of the Claimant. 

Kirsty Allen

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