Personal injury

18 September 2017

Medical Negligence: who are the best experts?

Medical experts are key to success in any medical negligence case. Given their ability to make or break a case, what is it that we look for in an expert?

Bridget Hughes

18 September 2017

Going the Distance with the Spinal Injuries Association

On Sunday 17th September 2017, members of the Kingley Napley clinical negligence team participated in this years’ edition of the Going the Distance walk organised by the Spinal Injuries Association (SIA). 

Eurydice Cote

14 August 2017

What next? Life after a spinal injury

Spinal injuries are unpredictable and life changing. The location of the injury is key, and generally speaking the higher up the injury, the more severe the consequences.  An injury is classified as complete or incomplete depending on whether strength or sensation is preserved below the level of injury.  

Eurydice Cote

11 August 2017

Coping with brain injury: The impact of acquired brain injury on families and caregivers

The impact and consequences of an acquired brain injury (ABI) can reach far beyond the injured survivor. Relationships and family roles can be instantly and dramatically changed and no family unit can ever be truly prepared to deal with an ABI, especially when it occurs through someone else’s fault.

Maeve Keenan

7 August 2017

Central Cord Syndrome

The spinal cord relays information from the brain to the rest of the body, and sends signals about the rest of the body to the brain.  If the spinal cord is damaged, messages travelling from the brain to the rest of the body are disrupted and can result in a loss of sensation and movement from below the point of injury.

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