20 September 2016

KN speaks at an event for the London Centre for Children with Cerebral Palsy (LCCCP)

 Kingsley Napley, was asked to speak at an event on 15 September 2016 for the LCCCP “Milkshake Tree appeal”, an ambitious project to develop exciting new facilities and services at the Centre, which provides education and support for early years and primary school age children, using methods based in conductive education.   The Centre’s goal is for every child to have the opportunity to reach their potential.  

12 August 2016

Bringing a Claim for Cerebral Palsy: The “Older” Claimant

In my last blog, I talked about some of the tell-tale signs for birth related hypoxic brain injury and what might trigger an investigation into the way in which pregnancy, labour or delivery has been managed.  The rules on limitation (ie the time limits for bringing a claim) mean that for a child with cerebral palsy, a claim may be capable of being brought many years after the event.  This is because with children, the typical three year time limit does not start to run until they turn 18, meaning that they have until their 21st birthday to formally commence proceedings.  

Bridget Hughes

13 July 2016

“The Milkshake Tree”

On 29 June 2016 we enjoyed a visit to “The Milkshake Tree”, an experiential pop-up exhibit inspired by children from the London Centre for Children with Cerebral Palsy (LCCCP).  

23 October 2015

Cerebral Palsy - what are the triggers for investigating a clinical negligence claim?

For many children and adults there is no connection between their cerebral palsy and the circumstances of their birth. For others there is a direct causal link, and for them, their injury may have been avoidable.  

Bridget Hughes

24 June 2015

Birth injury series - jaundice and kernicterus

Some birth injuries can be anticipated and with prompt and appropriate action serious injuries can sometimes be avoided. If a birth injury is sustained through lack of appropriate care it may be possible to make a clinical negligence claim for compensation.

The focus of this blog is Jaundice and Kernicterus and it is the third in our series of six birth injury blogs. 

This article first appeared in At Home Magazine. 

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