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15 December 2010

Council of Europe rejects plans for maternity leave

The European Parliament had put forward proposals to increase maternity pay to 20 weeks leave at full pay and to include rights to paternity leave in EU directives. However, the Council of Europe, which is the next step in passing legislation in the EU, rejected these proposals citing the cost as a major concern.

9 December 2010

Good news for Employers facing "Serial Litigants" in Employment Tribunal

The Employment Appeal Tribunal (‘EAT’) has this week provided some welcome news for beleaguered employers facing claims from vexatious litigants brining claims after applying for jobs that they never intend to take simply in order to claim discrimination when they are turned down. In Berry v Recruitment Revolution the President of the EAT (essentially its most senior judge) Mr Justice Underhill, emphasised people who bring discrimination claims in respect of job advertisements they say discriminate against them, but they have no genuine interest in actually getting the job, but hope they will be paid off to go away by the potential “employer, may be made to pay the legal costs of the organisations they sue. This runs contrary to the usual rule in employment tribunals that each party bears only its own legal costs – win or lose.

9 December 2010

Which way now for family friendly employment rights?

Looking forward to 2011, one of the areas of employment law in which we can expect important developments is “family friendly” employment rights.

Andreas White

1 December 2010

Employers encouraged to be “breastfeeding-friendly”

Employers should help new mothers return to work by providing them with breastfeeding facilities and breaks, or by allowing them to bring their babies to work, the Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley said at the weekend. He urged firms to set up areas where women can breastfeed and to supply dedicated fridges to store expressed milk. The idea comes shortly after the European Parliament voted to grant women two one-hour breastfeeding breaks at work each day. His comments have sparked debate over the last few days.

10 November 2010

Pension reform excludes short term workers and the low-Paid

Low earners and people in a job for less than three months will be excluded from the Government’s proposals to pressure all workers to save for retirement.

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