No automatic right to additional day off work for Wills and Kate’s Wedding

20 December 2010

Those who have booked holiday to coincide with the Royal wedding on 29 April, thinking that they will get an 11 day holiday for the price of only three days’ annual leave, may need to think again. David Cameron’s announcement of an additional bank holiday on 29 April 2011 will not automatically increase employees’ holiday entitlements.

Whether employers need to give their employees the additional bank holiday off work will depend on the exact wording of their standard employment contracts, which need to be checked carefully. Only staff whose contract stipulates that they can have all bank and public holidays off work, on top of their annual leave, will be legally entitled to stay at home. Under The Working Time Regulations 1998, the minimum holiday entitlement is 5.6 weeks per year i.e. 20 working days plus 8 bank holidays.

Employers need to consider the negative effect on their employees’ morale if their business decides to open on 29 April and they do not give employees the day off to join in with the celebrations.

Do you think employees should automatically have 29 April 2011 off work, regardless of what their contract specifies, or whether they support the Monarchy? What is your business planning to do?

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