International Women's Day

8 March 2018

IWD: Guest blog: Who was Baroness Edith Summerskill and why is she relevant today?

The other day I discovered the story of an impressive and yet little known woman in politics. What struck a chord wasn’t just how qualified she was, as a doctor, but also how young she was when she entered public life, at just 32.

7 March 2018

IWD: Speak up now, the time is right

We’re lucky. We’re a top 100 law firm with a female Managing Partner and female Senior Partner. Over 75% of those who work here are women. More than 50% of the partnership are women. Half the firm’s management team are women. The statistics are good. We are certainly unusual in professional services.

6 March 2018

IWD: Unlearning the language of silence

Oprah’s 2018 Golden Globes speech was widely praised, even sparking now denied rumours of a potential 2020 presidential run from the American icon. Her speech was made in the context of women speaking up about sexual assault

Katie Newbury

6 March 2018

IWD: Welcome to the 4th wave of feminism

In a now infamous interview President Trump said "No, I wouldn't say I'm a feminist. That would be, maybe, going too far. I'm for women. I'm for men. I'm for everyone. I think people have to go out ... and they have to win. And women are doing great, and I'm happy about that."

Roberta Draper

6 March 2018

IWD: Guest blog: how to #PressforProgress and get a solidarity economy that works for all

Since 2001, Ogunte has been developing expertise in supporting women in social enterprises and the solidarity economy to help grow their operations, their impact and develop their leadership.

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