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22 February 2018

Bringing cryptocurrencies in from the cold

Regulators around the world are calling for cryptocurrencies to be brought within the remit of financial regulation. To date, the focus has largely been on Bitcoin, which was the predominant cryptocurrency traded on some of the largest dark web markets. However, in light of the call for better oversight, the value of Bitcoin plummeted and evidence suggests that users are moving towards alternatives that afford greater anonymity.

Jill Lorimer

5 February 2018

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies – regulation on the horizon to combat cyber-crime?

The Treasury has indicated that it is planning on regulating bitcoin, in an attempt to bring some order to the Wild West that is cryptocurrencies. What would regulation of Bitcoin achieve?

Jill Lorimer

5 February 2018

Cryptocurrencies - tread carefully before trading

Bitcoin, Ehtereum, Litecoin... cryptocurrencies are all over the press. Most of us are now broadly aware that cryptocurrencies are digital currencies which use blockchain technology. But how many people actually understand how the underlying technology works, what it means to ‘invest’ in a cryptocurrency, and appreciate the risks behind them? For anyone thinking about investing in cryptocurrencies, set out below is a summary of the main concerns, which should hopefully encourage you to stop and think before jumping on the crypto band wagon.  

Andrew Solomon

15 January 2018

FCA sounds warning on retail CFD market

The FCA has warned contracts for difference (CFD) brokers to treat their customers fairly or face regulatory action.

Jill Lorimer

30 August 2017

Block chain: Is the GDPR out of date already?

The General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) amounts to a significant overhaul of existing data protection regulation and is designed to be ‘technology neutral’. However, how the GDPR will cope with emerging block chain technology and a move towards the decentralisation of data storage remains to be seen. 

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