22 May 2018

ICAEW accountants: take action now!

On 5 June 2018, a special meeting of the ICAEW is taking place at the conclusion of the organisation’s AGM.  For any ICAEW members with an interest in the disciplinary function of their regulator, attendance at this event is a must.  Important changes to the Disciplinary Bye Laws, that will potentially affect all members, are being sought. If you cannot make it in person, vote on-line or send a proxy. In these latest proposals there is much to be applauded, but there is also much to be apprehensive about.

Julie Norris

19 April 2018

First time offenders avoid exclusion in ICAEW disciplinary hearing

In a decision published this month, ICAEW member firm Butterworth Barlow Ltd and its Directors, Gavin Butterworth and Barry Barlow, were given severe reprimands and fines following an ICAEW disciplinary hearing earlier this year.

8 November 2017

A recent reminder of the obligation to cooperate with an ICAEW investigation

The ICAEW has recently imposed a severe reprimand, £5000 fine and £3337 costs award on a member who failed to provide information requested by the ICAEW in accordance with a disciplinary investigation. This recent case serves as a reminder for members of accountancy bodies of the potential consequences of not cooperating with a disciplinary investigation by their regulator.

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