Private prosecutions

16 October 2017

Private Prosecution of Summer Holiday Fraudsters

When Sir Cliff Richard penned the lyrics to Summer Holiday in 1963 he could not have anticipated that the prospect of “no more working for a week or two” would be tested to its limits by some greedy holidaymakers. Whereas most of us are willing to splash a little cash to enjoy a few weeks on a sunny beach, and consider it a good investment of time and money, it seems that a few dishonest folk see it as an opportunity to make a buck by scamming their travel operator.

Melinka Berridge

6 June 2017

Private prosecutions and the shape of things to come

Criticism of charities’ right to prosecute alleged offenders is short-sighted and ignores the nature of justice, writes Melinka Berridge.

Melinka Berridge

7 April 2017

Crowdfunding private prosecutions – charities taking action when the authorities do not

This week Britain’s first crowdfunded prosecution was conducted in the Old Bailey. 

Melinka Berridge

9 December 2016

Families affected by Glasgow bin lorry tragedy refused leave to mount a private prosecution

A year ago we observed that the families of the deceased had expressed a firm intention to  mount a private prosecution in the wake of the findings from the Fatal Accident Inquiry. Earlier today, those families were told that they cannot launch private prosecutions.

Melinka Berridge

5 May 2016

Does the CPS Victims’ Right to Review (VRR) Scheme do enough for victims of crime?

In June 2013, the CPS launched a scheme which allows victims of crimes to seek a review of CPS decisions not to charge, to discontinue or otherwise to terminate proceedings, where the decision was made after 5 June 2013. 

On the face of it, this would seem to be a good thing as it provides victims with an alternative to launching expensive and time-consuming judicial review proceedings in order to challenge a CPS decision.  However, does it go far enough to support victims and is it suitably independent?

Lucy Williams

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