Personal tax planning

25 April 2014

Capital Gains Tax case - Painting worth £9.4 million is exempt from CGT because it is a ‘wasting asset’

The Court of Appeal has published its eagerly anticipated (by tax geeks at least) judgment in the case of HMRC v The Executors of Lord Howard of Henderskelfe (deceased) ([2014] EWCA Civ 278).

3 April 2014

Capital Gains Tax case - Car salesman successfully claimed Entrepreneur’s Relief on sale of business

In the First Tier Tribunal case of TC03273: Jeremy Rice, a car salesman was allowed to claim Entrepreneur’s Relief on the sale of his premises when he closed his business and started up elsewhere.  The relief was claimed on the basis that it was a sale of a business asset within three years of cessation of trade.

24 March 2014

Residence Case - Investment banker not working full-time in Belgium liable for millions in UK tax

An investment banker working on a deal in Belgium failed to convince the Court that he was non-resident for tax purposes in the First Tier Tax Tribunal case of Paul Daniel (TC03312).

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