19 April 2016

Yet another tax on justice

The 21st March 2016 saw the latest annual increase in Court fees.  Last year, on 9th March 2015 court users were subjected to significant increases in issue fees (the fee payable at the point of issuing a Claim Form at Court and starting the litigation process). The fee for a claim estimated to be valued at more than £200,000 increased from £1,515 to £10,000. Despite objections raised at the time the Ministry of Justice proceeded with the increases leaving claimants, and their lawyers, to fund extortionate fees but receiving no greater access to, or service from, the court system in return.

Richard Lodge

15 September 2015

Clinical Negligence - fix the costs and you load the die

You may have seen the recent press coverage relating to the government’s plan to consider introducing fixed recoverable costs for personal injury claims involving clinical negligence worth up to £250,000. There is an underlying premise that this will save the NHS money at the expense of ‘greedy’ lawyers. I find it frustrating that the approach and behaviour of NHS Defendants (which drive up Claimant costs) has so far been overlooked. Additionally, I question the impact that fixed costs would have on injured Claimants’ access to justice.

15 June 2015

The doctor will see you now – will better access to GPs improve patient care?

Isn’t it hard to get an appointment with your GP these days? The anecdotal consensus is that it’s harder than it used to be. A two or three week wait is not unheard of.

David Cameron has recently announced that he wants GPs to open for up to 12 hours every day by 2020 with the ostensible aim of relieving pressure on hospitals and giving working people access to a doctor at weekends. To show he is serious, the Prime Minister has offered to provide additional funding (£400 million over the next five years) to ensure that as many surgeries as possible open from 8am to 8pm.

29 May 2013

Pilot of fixed costs scheme for clinical negligence claims

Our team discusses the NHSLA's proposed pilot of fixed costs scheme for clinical negligence claims.

12 April 2013

Major changes both to NHS services and funding of clinical negligence claims - a coincidence of timing?

Deborah Nadel discusses the impact of the government’s changes to the NHS implemented on 1 April 2013.

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