Shareholder and Boardroom Disputes

5 August 2020

Simply Alarming: when might an unfair prejudice petition fail?

In the recent case of Simply Alarming Security Ltd [2020] 7 WLUK 330 the Court refused to order that the Respondent director/shareholder had to purchase the shares of a shareholder/former director (the Petitioner) who alleged that she had been the subject of unfairly prejudicial conduct by the Respondent. 

Fiona Simpson

24 July 2020

Stretching the limits of Directors’ personal liability for torts?

It is a sad reality that the Covid-19 Pandemic is likely to lead to a spike in the number of companies being put into insolvency.  This has the potential to leave parties with claims against those companies with a reduced prospect of full recovery, even if their claims are strong.  As a result, claimants may look for alternative targets, including ways in which they could sue directors personally. 

Nick Ralph

10 June 2020

All swans are white….?

I have always had a soft spot for the Black Swan jurisdiction: nothing to do with the law, but because it reminds me of my previous study of philosophy and the use of “all swans are white” as an example of falsification theory.  

Mary Young

29 May 2020

Company money should not be used to pay legal costs in disputes between shareholders

In the recent case of Michael Gott v Rune Hauge and ors [2020] EWHC 1152 (Ch) the court upheld the well-recognised principle of company law that a company’s money should not be used to pay legal costs in disputes between the company’s shareholders.

Katie Allard

30 September 2019

Unfair prejudice petitions: can a director’s breach of duty bar their claim?

Treating a director who is a minority shareholder fairly in both their involvement in the management of a company and in any offers to acquire their shares is of paramount importance to defeating an unfair prejudice petition.

Richard Foss

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