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The Legal Apprentice is the first legal competition offering students from around the UK the opportunity to learn in a practical and fun way about what it is to be a solicitor. After a teacher registers the school’s interest in participating, students will be able to register to participate online.

Registered students will then be put into teams and over a three month period, they will be invited to complete tasks which emulate the type of work solicitors undertake on a day-to-day basis.


It is important that the competition is accessible to schools and students from all corners of the UK, so we are running the preliminary rounds virtually – through the competition portal, webinars and Skype calls etc. The final will be held in London at News UK – finalists (and their accompanying teacher) will have their travel and accommodation costs covered by Kingsley Napley.


Register your school

Before students can register, at least one teacher per school is required to complete the online form to create an account for the students – teachers will be provided with login details their students can use to enter. There is no limit as to how many students can register from one school.


Encourage your students to register

Students register online using credentials supplied following the teacher’s registration. After the registration deadline (18 December 2018) You are required to assign teams of between 2 – 4 students via the teacher portal by 17:00 on the 18 January 2019. You will be able to view your team selections at any time (also via the teacher portal).


Live legal webinar

We don’t expect students to know the law. However, we want to provide as much help / background knowledge as possible to help them with the tasks of the competition. This 30 minute webinar, hosted by Kingsley Napley trainees, provides the legal basics that might help students answer Task 1.

Don’t have time for a webinar? Do not worry. Students can download the material from the Student Portal.

Live Webinar will take place on 6 February 2019.

Let the games begin!


Heat 1: Identifying legal issues - Scenario based task

Students will be provided with a fictional scenario based on a school muck up day gone awry. The teams will be asked to analyse the facts set out in the scenario and identify a variety of legal issues. They will also have to apply the legal knowledge they have gained from the factsheets and webinar to answer a series of questions.

This task goes live on 31 January 2019. The deadline is 15 February 2019.


Heat 2: Interviewing a witness & drafting a statement

The second task is designed to test students on their ability to interview a witness. We will assess the students’ client care and communication skills, as well as their ability to extract key information from a witness. They will then have to use this information to draft a brief witness statement to support their client’s case.

Held between 25 February 2019 and 7 March 2019.


Heat 3: Pitching for a client

In the final heat, students will be asked to prepare a short presentation which would persuade a potential client to instruct them. Solicitors routinely have to pitch for work in the extremely competitive legal market. The students must use their presentation and interpersonal skills to stand out from the crowd and show the ‘client’ why they are the best solicitors to take their case on.

This task goes live on 14 March 2019. The deadline is 3 April 2019.



Feedback provided and finalists announced on 10 May 2019.


The live final at News UK

Four teams will be selected to participate in the final in front of an audience of up to 200 of their peers. The travel and accommodation for the final teams will be provided for finalists based outside of London..

The live final will be held on 19 June 2019.

Why enter?

  • The Legal Apprentice provides real insight into the types of tasks solicitors undertake as part of their daily routine.
  • Teachers and students will be eligible to win a range of prizes (read more in Prize Pool)
  • All students that enter will be invited to attend and watch the live final at News UK, where they can also hear from leading lawyers and speak to some of Kingsley Napley’s trainee solicitors.
  • Entering a competition such as this will add weight to any student’s CV or university application.
  • All schools that enter will receive a participation logo for their website.

What you need to know

  • The Legal Apprentice is free to enter.
  • Kingsley Napley will provide basic legal background to support school students to prepare their answers.
  • All students who enter will be invited to attend the live final at News UK.
  • Finalists’ travel and accommodation costs (for those based outside of London) will be covered by Kingsley Napley.

Prize Pool

  • All students comprising the winning team will receive £500 each and will be offered the opportunity to be interviewed by Kingsley Napley for the ultimate prize of winning a legal apprenticeship.
  • The student in second place (following the interview mentioned above) will receive a paid three month placement at Kingsley Napley LLP.
  • Remaining students from the winning team will receive one week of work experience at Kingsley Napley.
  • The winning team’s school will receive £5000 to put towards any technical advancement of their choice.
  • Runners up will receive £200 each.
  • The teacher who encourages the most students to enter will receive £100 Amazon voucher.
  • Full coverage of the live final will be featured in The Times.
  • Schools who enter will receive a website banner promoting their participation. Those whose students reach the final will receive “finalist” website banners and trophies.
  • All finalists will receive certificates.

Competition Info




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