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This page is the hub for our Legal Services Regulation team's events and associated thought leadership material the team has produced. Here you can find information about upcoming events including links to register, along with information about our previous events, resources from those events and other major thought leadership campaigns we've run, such as our "StaRs series", about the SRA Standards and Regulations introduced in November 2019.


Legal Services Regulation - Entity Regulation & Culture Explained

A webinar by Julie Norris and Jessica Clay in association with MBL seminars, covering the following topics around SRA regulation of law firms, specifically around workplace culture:

  • The relevant regulatory obligations and why compliance is so important - both from a regulatory and reputational perspective
  • Key factors relevant to a ‘good’ workplace culture, including the importance of EDI and wellbeing in creating a safe and supportive workplace
  • The common issues in the legal service sector which are attributable to ‘poor’ workplace culture
  • Practical steps firms can take to proactively manage and identify issues associated with ‘poor culture’ while minimising the risk of these becoming prevalent in their firms

The webinar will be held at 12:30pm on Wednesday 27th October 2021, and will be pre-recorded, so that those who register can re-watch it or catch-up if they cannot attend at the scheduled time. You can register for the event and find out more detailed information here.

Kingsley Napley Spotlight Series - Insights into Legal Services Regulation in 2021

We will be running further webinars in our “Kingsley Napley Spotlight Series - Insights into Legal Services Regulation in 2021” in the coming months. Please keep an eye out for more details, which will be coming soon.


Previous Events

Kingsley Napley Spotlight Series - Insights into Legal Services Regulation in 2021

Four webinars in the “Kingsley Napley Spotlight Series - Insights into Legal Services Regulation in 2021” series, which launched in early 2021. These webinars covered a range of some of the most important regulatory issues and/or developments facing the legal professions in 2021. The four webinars were as follows:

  • The impact of Beckwith v SRA
  • A trio of webinars were run under the following umbrella title - Entity Regulation: ethics, compliance and culture - with the three webinars covering the following topics:
    • Embedding effective structures, systems and processes
    • Creating a safe and supportive workplace
    • Promoting professional behaviours

For more information about these events, please click here.

Hybrid working post the pandemic: How to prepare your company partnership or organisation for the new normal

An event covering the obligations, opportunities, pitfalls (and how to avoid them) and regulatory aspects that HR professionals, entrepreneurs and senior executives need to be aware of if they want to establish an efficient hybrid working model and better manage a mobile workforce post-pandemic. You can see more information here and a full video of the webinar here.


Additional Thought Leadership



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