Tax Reporting and Compliance

Our clients, their families and their personal, business and philanthropic assets are located and mobile throughout the world. Whether you are an investor, entrepreneur, professional, media personality, lottery winner or successful court litigant, we can provide you with clear and strategic UK tax structuring and reporting advice tailored to your particular objectives. 

We know that tax can be a very complex area of law and that you lead a busy life, so we try to respond quickly and efficiently to your queries and to make very clear, easy to follow recommendations and explanations in any given situation.

We use our extensive technical expertise to structure your worldwide personal, business and philanthropic assets in a tax efficient manner, seamlessly coordinating advice between different jurisdictions and legal disciplines.  Your individual circumstances are at the centre of our advice, so that any plan is not just focused on tax but also takes into account your personal concerns, such as confidentiality, protecting your reputation, protecting your assets, ensuring business continuity and encouraging family harmony.

Whatever stage you have reached in your life, from marriage, cohabitation, divorce or the birth of your children, to buying, selling or letting a property, establishing or winding up a business, or moving to or from the UK, we can support you.  We work very closely with other teams in the firm which means our clients have access to the best immigration lawyers in the country as well as advice on family law, real estate, corporate, commercial and employment issues, dispute resolution, criminal litigation and reputational management issues and much more – and all this is managed through your one main point of contact.

We also liaise closely with our clients' other advisors and intermediaries located throughout the world. This co-ordinated approach means that while your advice may span many of our teams here as well as external advisors, it will all be practical and synchronised, with both tax and non tax-related specifications and your commercial objectives in mind.

The team demonstrates an immediate appreciation of the issues affecting our clients and are able to use their knowledge and experience to guide our clients through stressful and complex situations."

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