Leaving the UK - Pre-Emigration Tax Advice

If you are considering leaving the UK, it is important that you understand the personal tax issues that apply prior to, on and after your departure, as well as the rules in the jurisdiction to which you are relocating. 

We can liaise closely with your tax advisors in other relevant jurisdiction to make sure that you have a clear strategy to help you relocate in a tax efficient fashion.  Our advice may include, for example:

  • reviewing and adapting how you hold worldwide assets in light of your departure from the UK;
  • the steps you should take to demonstrate that you have ceased to be UK resident and/or domiciled in the UK for UK tax purposes;
  • the availability of split year treatment under the statutory residence test upon leaving the UK;
  • the application of double tax and estate tax treaties to your personal situation as you move between jurisdictions;
  • advice on UK tax shadows that can apply for income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax purposes to certain transactions once you have left or if you return to the UK; and
  • helping you to dispose of UK real estate or exit your business in a tax efficient fashion.

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