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Over the years we have acted in many cases involving gynaecological, urological injuries and prostate cancer misdiagnosis, and our lawyers have built up particular specialisations in these areas. 

For women, medical negligence claims are often concerned with:

  • Infections following childbirth
  • Tears following childbirth
  • Incontinence and sexual dysfunction
  • Delayed diagnosis of gynaecological cancers
  • Misdiagnosis of breast cancer 
  • Negligently performed gynaecological surgery
  • Unnecessary hysterectomy
  • Surgical repairs for an incompetent uterus.


For men, injuries tend to be caused by both medical negligence and accidents – such as prostate cancer misdiagnosis, injuries in the workplace, sporting injuries and road traffic cases. 


  • Failure to diagnose torsion of the testicle
  • Delayed diagnosis of testicular cancer
  • Delayed diagnosis of prostate cancer
  • Misdiagnosis of prostate cancer
  • Negligently performed circumcision
  • Negligently performed urological surgery, resulting in incontinence and erectile dysfunction
  • Traumatic injury to the penis and/or testicle


We know that it can be difficult to talk about these issues, but our lawyers are very experienced, and the first thing that we do is put you at ease by being knowledgeable, open and frank.  If you would prefer to speak to either a female or male solicitor, or possibly a combination of both, we will be happy to arrange this. 

How we work with you

Many people with urological or gynaecological disorders suffer in silence for months or even years, too embarrassed or ashamed to seek support or proper answers about what has happened to them. Sadly, sometimes the medical profession is also too embarrassed to confront the issue and our clients are often given unhelpful or unclear advice or told that their problem is normal or natural. This can cause misery, pain and even psychological damage. Our clients often come to us as a last resort, and together we investigate exactly what has happened, whether anything has gone wrong, if there has been negligence, and whether future treatment could help. For many clients, this is the first time that they have been able to obtain clarity and understanding about their injury, and a sense of hope that there may be a solution.

We work closely with our clients to establish the background to their injury and then, with the assistance of our medico-legal experts we look at whether there was negligence which caused the injury.  We also ask the experts to examine our client, and report on condition and prognosis – i.e. advise us about the extent to which they have recovered from their injuries, and what difficulties they may have to face in the future. 

No two cases are the same, and no two clients are the same, which is why we approach every case in a highly personalised way, tailored to the needs of the client and specific facts of the case. We are not afraid to explore creative solutions. Our aim in every case is to maximise compensation while making the process as painless as possible for our clients.


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