Real Estate Disputes

Disputes and disagreements involving land and property are commonplace. Owners, occupiers, investors or developers might encounter property issues relating to anything from a lease or contract dispute to potential fraud.

Property disputes often become highly contentious and difficult to navigate without the benefit of sound legal advice.

We have the expertise and experience to provide a proactive, commercial and creative approach to any property-related issue. You need to know the legal framework underpinning your position in order to properly assess the options available to you to solve the problem.

We give clear guidance on such matters.  We act for individuals and businesses and have extensive sector experience to help each client with their exact needs. We offer discrete and tailored legal advice with commercial solutions in a wide variety of property-related disputes, including:  

  • Break options and vacant possession strategies
  • Business lease terminations and renewals
  • Commercial and Residential Landlord & Tenant
  • Contractors, including engineers and architects (to link in with Construction)
  • Co-ownership issues/trusts
  • Dilapidations
  • Enforcement (property related remedies such as forfeiture, possession of land or buildings, realising security)
  • Enfranchisement or lease extensions
  • Property-related fraud
  • Insolvent LL or T
  • Investors, developers including development agreements and overage
  • Party Wall/Rights of Light
  • Professional negligence
  • Rent reviews
  • Service Charge disputes

There are a range of options available to parties in order to resolve real estate disputes. Settling claims outside of the courts are often an essential part of the process, primarily to avoid adverse cost consequences, but also to save time.

We help our clients achieve early settlements but we are also tough litigators when we need to be. We give clear guidance on costs and transparent advice on litigation funding. Our dedicated Real Estate Disputes team is recognised for putting our clients’ interests at the heart of our advice and creating relationships which add value and achieve results. 

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