Medical Cannabis: Licensing and Investment

We advise corporates and individuals on all aspects of investing and licensing in cannabis industry.

Farming and Divorce

Farming divorces are unique, fact specific and often involve highly charged emotions - and it is essential that the correct strategy is adopted from the outset. We have considerable experience of farming divorces and the difficulties these cases can present.

Professional accountancy bodies' disciplinary processes: FAQs

These frequently asked questions aim to answer some of the common queries asked by members of accountancy bodies when they are faced with a disciplinary investigation.

Anglo French Prenuptial Agreements

It is important to take advice on the value of a French marriage contract here in England, as the law in England and Wales works very differently to French family law and also on how an English prenuptial agreement might apply abroad. These questions affect international couples.

Litiges Franco-Britanniques Impliquant Des Enfants

En cas de contentieux relatif aux enfants suite à une rupture, et que les parents soient mariés ou non, le pays de résidence de l'enfant au moment où l'affaire commence est dans la majorité des cas le lieu où l'affaire sera réglée.

Mistake Rectification and the Rule in Hasting-Bass

Questions Fréquentes

Les questions ci-dessous exposent certaines des différences les plus importantes entre l'Angleterre et la France pour les affaires de droit de la famille relatives aux finances et aux enfants.

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