Jim Sawer

Retired Partner

Private Client

After over 40 years in legal practice, Jim retired at the end of April 2022.

Please now contact the Head of our Private Client Department , James Ward, to whom emails to Jim are automatically forwarded.

Jim Sawer has a broad private client practice which is predominantly tax and trust driven.

Having qualified as a solicitor in 1983, Jim has acted as principal  trusted adviser to families, both in the UK and overseas,  and with commercial  and landed interests, for over 30 years. 


For many years Jim was the principal writer/presenter of training films on private client issues for the Law Society, he writes regularly for the press, and is in demand as a speaker on tax and trust issues for the financial services/wealth management industry.

Some of Jim's many articles and quotes published in the Media include:

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Lost Will - Lost Inheritance?

Executors Briefing - Tax and the Family Home

Trusts - "asset protection" on bankruptcy?

No Will - No Worries?

Wills and estate planning - the right time is right now

Proposed inheritance tax reforms and pre-Budget planning

Will Trusts – Who to appoint as trustees

Wobbly will wording – common drafting errors and failure to update your will

Inheritance tax planning at the 11th hour

Married couples - individual wills need a joint approach

Wills, inheritance tax and the middle-aged beneficiary

Was it a gift or was it a loan?

Inheritance Tax – are the very wealthy breathing a permanent sigh of 'relief'?

Inheritance Tax Planning: Deeds of Variation and nil rate band discretionary Will trusts - less common but still useful?

New Year’s resolutions for unmarried couples: make Wills, get married, better still, do both?

Inheritance Gifts, Hotchpot and Double Portions. Do children have a right to be treated equally?

Inheritance Tax - why do so many fall into the 'Gift With Reservation of Benefit' trap?

Joint tenancy - a historical anachronism which should be scrapped?

Civil partnerships, siblings and the inheritance tax dilemma

Personal possessions and death

Will my children steal my money when I'm old?

American taxpayers and their family home in the UK

Inheritance Rights of Stepchildren

IHT and CGT - uncomfortable bedfellows? Don’t overlook possible Capital Gains Tax exposure in your Inheritance Tax Planning

How to ensure your funeral wishes are respected

Death, Dubai and registering Wills in English through the DIFC

Taxing times on divorce and the family home

Are trusts a "tax loophole" exploited by the wealthy?

Powers of attorney: too risky?

Charity begins at home? – how to cut a child out of your will

Ensuring your inheritance ends up in the right hands

Absolute Discretion - the right to be unreasonable?

Did "Fifth Beatle" know his Will would cause family rift?

Debts and Death

Foreign companies to be required to declare their owners when buying property in the UK

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