20 January 2012

Costa Concordia: rushing to blame an employee without knowing the facts?

At first glance it seems odd to draw parallels between Francesco Schettino, the captain of the stricken Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia, currently under house arrest suspected of the manslaughter of at least 11 people, and Brodie Clark, the former Head of the UK Border Agency who resigned on 8 November 2011 after being publicly criticised by the Home Secretary, Theresa May.

13 January 2012

A guide to challenging your bonus

We all know this will not be a good year for bonuses. Predictions suggest bonus pools will be down 30% to 50% and that as many as 20% of front office bankers may receive virtually no bonus at all. But if you are not happy with your bonus is there anything you can do about it?

10 January 2012

Cutting the deficit: the legal hurdles - The In-House Lawyer

The UK Coalition's programme for government set out that deficit reduction, and continuing to ensure economic recovery was the most urgent issue facing Britain. It then started on a programme to cut public spending. One of the results has been a plethora of legal challenges, directed both against central government and against local government.

3 January 2012

Reform will lead to more tribunal cases - Adrian Crawford quoted in The Sunday Telegraph

Adrian Crawford commented in an article regarding Ed Davey's admission that Government measures to stem the rise in tribunal cases will force more employers to settle claims out of court.

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