8 October 2012

Clinical negligence and personal injury: Loss of chance

Suzanne Farg and Verity Danziger discuss the hurdles to
overcome to establish a claim in the Personal Injury Law Journal.

3 August 2012

The introduction of tribunal fees - what could the impact be?

The Government has published its response to the consultation on introducing fees in employment tribunals and the Employment Appeal Tribunal. Announcing the fees that will apply "from summer 2013", the justice minister stated: "We want people, where they can, to pay a fair contribution for the system they are using, which will encourage them to look for alternatives." These would include, for example, mediation, Acas conciliation or directly negotiated settlement.

Andreas White, employment partner writes for Personnel Today and considers the consequences of fees for employment tribunals.

26 July 2012

Cookie Law: exemptions for providers of online games

The new cookie law has been in force in the UK for almost two months,  and requires websites to gain explicit consent from users before using cookies. However, there are a number of exceptions to the rule that could lessen the burden for online gaming service providers.

Simon Halberstam, Technology partner writes for the World Online Gambling Law Report, discussing the new rules in detail, what they mean for online gambling operators and the focus of the Information Commissioner.

Download article.

21 June 2012

Julian Assange can't avoid arrest for long

With the Ecuadorean government apparently set to make a decision within the hour on Julian Assange's fate, even if he is granted asylum, he would have difficulty reaching Ecuador.  Travelling to the airport in a diplomatic car would offer him protection under the Vienna Convention, but at some point he would have to leave the car and then he would be at risk of arrest.

Rebecca Niblock comments further in The Times (note pay wall access is required)

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