18 October 2012

Targeted financial sanctions: what if the target is wrong?

Adam Chapman writes about developments in targeted sanctions taken against named individuals or entities in the In House Lawyer Magazine. 

18 October 2012

Shares for workers rights article in the Law Society Gazette

Richard Fox writes in a personal capacity for the Law Society Gazette on why George Osborne’s new employee plan is flawed. 

16 October 2012

McKinnon extradition response: a change in extradition law?

Michael Caplan QC: "a forum test into British law could prevent future controversies over extradition cases".  He is quoted further in ITV News.

8 October 2012

Ryan Mowat discusses the increase of privacy injunction applications in the Press Gazette

The statistics recently published by the Ministry of Justice demonstrate that there has been a sharp rise in applications for privacy injunctions during the period January to June 2012. Ryan Mowat discusses in the Press Gazette whether this is a surprise and any other important trends in relation to privacy injunctions in the UK 

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