Where the mesh inquiry leaves us regarding a register of doctors’ interests – Shannett Thompson quoted in British Medical Journal (BMJ)

12 January 2021

Shannett Thompson Partner in Regulatory has been quoted in a BMJ article discussing the Cumberlege Inquiry into drugs and devices and the focus on the GMC register to record doctor’s conflicts of interests. The article reflects the action needed to protect patients, the potential barriers in keeping a register and looking to change in the future.

Shannett quoted:

Shannett Thompson, a partner at the law firm Kingsley Napley, warns that “the keeping of such a register will not be a straightforward task, and the risk of it being inaccurate is quite significant, as interests of this nature are subject to change.”

This article was first published in BMJ on 6 January 2021. You can read the article in full by clicking here.


If you have any questions or concerns about the content covered in this blog, please contact Shannett or a member of the Regulatory team.



Shannett is a Partner in the Regulatory Team providing regulatory advice predominantly in the health and social care sector. She is also a member of the private prosecutions team providing advice to individuals, business and charities in respect of prosecutions were traditional agencies are unwilling or unable to act.


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