Should you have a relationships policy at work? Richard Fox quoted in The Journal

27 April 2020

Richard Fox was quoted in The Journal on 23 April 2020.  Richard commented on the challenges  faced by employers dealing with relationships between employees.

In the article, Richard criticised the punitive use of Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)  as a solution to Human Resources problems:

Focusing just on NDAs is no longer appropriate in the City of London...Especially if the employer and relevant employees work in a regulated environment.”

Richard went on to  caution employers about the delicate nature of workplace relationship rules:

The important point is the policy should require disclosure...Without that, the employer does not know what it is dealing with
and how best to address risk factors.”

Finally, Richard warned of the limits to employee relationship policies:

Not everyone abides by these policies and contravention is not always easy to uncover. But it undoubtedly helps to have one.”

Further information

Click below to read the full article in The Journal:

Rules of Engagement

For any questions or concerns raised in this article please contact Richard Fox or any member of the employment team.

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