Surrogacy: psychological studies, legal considerations and real stories

5SAH Seminar

22 June 2017


22 June 2017


  • Amelia Nice - Barrister at 5SAH 
  • Professor Susan Golombok - Director of the Centre for Family Research
  • Connie Atkinson - Senior Associate, Family at Kingsley Napley 
  • Katie Newbury - Senior Associate, Immigration at Kingsley Napley 
  • Richard Westoby  - Author of ‘Our Journey: One Couple’s Guide to US Surrogacy'

Specialist Area:

Using a Surrogate

At this seminar, hosted by 5SAH, a range of speakers will be examining the complex world of international surrogacy, covering topics from surrogacy research to family and immigration law as well as practical insights.

Chairing the event

  • Amelia Nice: Barrister at 5SAH specialising in extradition and international family law. 

Guest speakers and topics

  • Professor Susan Golombok - Director of the Centre for Family Research - ‘A longitudinal study of surrogacy families: From infancy to adolescence’
  • Connie Atkinson - Senior Associate, Family at Kingsley Napley - ‘Parental Orders, process and problems’
  • Katie Newbury - Senior Associate, Immigration at Kingsley Napley - ‘Immigration aspects of international surrogacy arrangements’
  • Richard Westoby -  Surrogacy expert and author of ‘Our Journey: One Couple’s Guide to US Surrogacy'


To request a place at the event, please contact 5SAH at

Should you have any questions in the meantime, please contact us at

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