Divorce & Separation

11 November 2010

‘Til death do us part….

According to recent media reports, a husband has been charged with murdering his wife to ensure he was not bound by the terms of their prenuptial agreement, possibly panicked by the recent judgment of the Supreme Court in Radmacher.

10 November 2010

A Matter of Trust

It has been reported this weekend that the wife of a City trader is seeking a share of the £7.5 million which he transferred to Lichtenstein companies during the course of the marriage. Mr Goldstone and the companies maintain that the assets were legitimately transferred. Mrs Goldstone meanwhile alleges that, far from having transferred ownership in these assets, her husband still retains control of and a beneficial interest in them and she is therefore entitled to a share of those funds as part of her financial claim upon divorce.

Connie Atkinson

5 November 2010

You have to use the blame game to get a “quickie” divorce

It is a common misconception that parties can obtain a divorce in this country based on their ‘irreconcilable differences’. Would such a ground be welcome?

Connie Atkinson

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